When you dine at Exceline, you experience a snapshot of East African culture. Meet with friends and family in either the Dinner Room, or the lounge, which features our exotic bar. We are proud to create a covid-secure, family friendly environment, and we will do our best to accommodate the requests of your group within the government guidelines. 


Click the button below to reserve a table at our Leytonstone venue. You can book parties for up to 25 guests by contacting us in advance. 

Restaurant compo

Robby's Brainstorm:

Style of decoration (room) - immersion, traditional artefacts from East Africa, room, atmosphere

Bring family/people/friends together around good African fod 

Immersion into "africa"... (the decoration, maybe meaningful one in particular, talking about the statues perhaps if its east african)

Talking "Exceline identity can be seen through the restaurant room?" 

thought for kids, family friendly

information about the restaurant :

- 30 people

practicality of it

booked for a party (precise if the entire restaurant can be booked, or rather a room




(restaurant compo tables, bar, lounge)

practical info + the restaurant can be booked for events

event, gathering, family reunion, engagement dinner, 


Dinner Room Size: 24 expandable to 30

Lounge Size: 27 expandable to 30

Capacity: 60 seated, 10 standing 

Plus - flexible seating configuration, removable furniture. 

The restaurant can be partially or entirely booked for events.